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Sonja Ruth Greckol was moved to write poetry when Mike Harris was elected to a second term. Now she finds herself muttering nasty limericks which, alas, are unpublishable. She has taught college and university, studied order and disorder in jokes, done human rights and gender-based research, organizational consulting, and local activism.


Rachel Zolf, author of Janey’s Arcadia
“If Al-Andalus was a utopia where Muslims, Christians, and Jews seemed to tolerate one another for a while, Alberta is another kind of no place where denial blanks six centuries of forgetting not secret just blank conquest plowing land fouled by elders falling through now-time breaking bodies histories lastitudes SE25-55-14-W4. Rhythm is how blank silence breaks in No Line in Time, Greckol’s dense furrowed sentiences unsettlearning contquested terrains leaving blood shit fruit silk scream storm debris material unworked power flowering through progress’s cracks. Read No Line in Time for bodies marked in time not blank but filled with her;our cacophonous surround of the now.”
Michael Redhill, author of Bellevue Square
“Sonja Greckol conveys a sharp sense of the missing as diasporas migrate, settle, and unsettle across continents inflicting and carrying trauma, creating hybrids and erasing genetic lines. Varied stanza sizes in tight blocks of text establish rhythms and train the reader how to be in the poem. Swarmed with associations—rich cross-referencing and pollinating—each stanza is like a text book. A reader may lose purchase in difficult poems but be filled by the atmosphere of the poem.”

Skein of Days Audio

A collection recorded at various events

In SKEIN OF DAYS, Sonja Greckol fractures, repeats, alliterates, asonates and mesmerizes readers with glimmers of historical detail. More narrative pieces that provide toeholds in the vortex of a woman’s lived experience in the latter half of the C20th.

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