Sept 19, 2018

Sept 23, 2018

Eduardo Navarro, We Who Spin Around You (action documentation), 2016. Photo: Liz Ligon. Work commissioned and produced by The Highline Art, NY.

We Who Spin Around You

Sonja Greckol, Renée Hložek, Julie Joosten, Kent Moore, Stephen Morris, Eduardo Navarro, Karyn Recollet

begins September 14, 2018

In the evening as the sun begins to lower in the sky, Eduardo Navarro invites participants to don custom-made bronze masks designed to help them safely view the sun, transforming it into a tiny dark green sphere. Then, a scientist, scholar, or poet gives a brief lecture or reading on solar history and humanity’s changing relationship to the sun and skies.

Friday, September 14, 7:31pm: Karyn Recollet
Saturday, September 15, 7:29pm: Karyn Recollet
Sunday, September 16, 7:27pm: Julie Joosten
Monday, September 17, 7:25pm: Kent Moore
Tuesday, September 18, 7:23pm: Stephen Morris
Wednesday, September 19, 7:21pm: Sonja Greckol
Thursday, September 20, 7:19pm: Renée Hložek
Friday, September 21, 7:17pm: Stephen Morris
Saturday, September 22, 7:15pm: Renée Hložek
Sunday, September 23, 7:13pm: Sonja Greckol

Oct 7, 2018

LitLive literary readings

First Sunday of the Month

The Staircase Theatre
27 Dundurn St. N.
Hamilton ON

On October 7, 2018, Sonja Greckol joins Erin Moure, Dane Swan, Faye Guenther, Christopher Gudgeon, Angie Abdou!!

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